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Name:Hiling Care



Age: unknown
Gender/Sex: N/A / female
Race: Innovade
Height: 167 cm/5'6"
Weight: 46 kg/101 lb
Appearance: Short curly green hair frames violet eyes in a youthful doll-like face. Her skin is flawless and pale, and her figure slim and androgynous.
Personality: Hiling enjoys taunting and flirting with people, as well as finding other ways to get attention. It's important that she's kept entertained, lest she get herself into trouble. She can be immature at times and thinks of her kind as superior to humans, so there may be some attitude to deal with. She enjoyed piloting her giant robot as Captain in a private military organization. Civilian life will be quite different for her and it may take some time to adjust.

credit: [community profile] vigils

disclaimer: player is over the age of 18
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